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Where to Find Us: Wearable Planter at the ICE Atlanta Pop-up shop

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ICE Atlanta Holiday Pop-up shop will be at The ICE studio in Candler Park.  

ICE Atlanta Holiday Pop-up shop will be at The ICE studio in Candler Park.  

We're excited to announce that some of our bike planters and ornaments will be at the Indie Craft Experience Holiday Pop-up shop! If you're looking to pick up some of our products locally, you can find them there, along with the work of 70+ other local and independent makers!

There is an opening party for the pop-shop tomorrow night, November 12, at ICE's Candler Park studio. There will yummy food and drinks alongside the beautiful handmade items from 70+ makers, as well as free swag bags for the first 100 attendees! The pop-up shop will be open throughout the holiday season from November 12 to Decemer 23 at ICE Atlanta's studio in Candler Park. If you would like to attend the opening party for the pop up shop, information can be found on facebook. More information about the shop is on ICE Atlanta's website.

Things We Love: 3D Printed Desktop Gardening Tools

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Some things just make me smile when I see them, and these desktop gardening tools from Trisha Bell just make me so happy to see! The small tools snap onto the top of a standard pencil, and they're ready for you to tend to your bonsai tree or desktop zen garden. If you want to make your own, you can download them to 3D print from her Thingiverse page.

Trisha Bell is also a collaborator for Oscar Eastwood, and will be displaying her gardening tools and other 3D printed objects at Atlanta Maker Faire.