Wearable Planter

Jewelry and Accessories for Green Thumbs

Q: Can you really grow a plant in these planters?

Q: Does my Wearable Planter come with a plant?


Due to local and international laws regarding the transport and sale of plants, we are unable to ship any order with plants. While this is a little inconvenient, please remember that plants can get sick, too, and tragedies like what happened to the American Chestnut can happen again when plants are brought to places where they are not native. 

While we are unable to ship plants with your planter, please use this opportunity to show off your green thumb and what you have been cultivating in your garden! 

If you're in Atlanta, GA you are welcome to come by the studio and pick up your planter pre-planted.


Q: I'd like to carry Wearable Planter in my store, do you offer wholesale pricing for stores? 


Yes, we do offer wholesale pricing for merchants and stores with a valid wholesale license and federal tax ID. Information on our wholesale program is available here, or you can email us at wholesale@wearableplanter.com for more information.


Q: Do you ship internationally?


Yes, we do ship internationally. Before placing an international order, please read our page on international shipping.