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DIY Holiday Presents for the Last Minute Maker

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Our deadline for ordering in time for December 24th delivery has now passed, but if you're still looking to give someone a gift we designed, you still have to make one yourself!

Over the years we've put several of our projects and DIY projects on Thingiverse and Instructables to share for free for anyone to make. We've rounded up a few of our projects for you to make if you're still looking for that perfect gift. These projects will each take about a few hours to make, but no longer than an afternoon (with time for snack breaks of course!). For some of the projects, you will need access to a 3D printer, so see if you have access to one at your local library or maker space if you don't have one already!

Make Your Own Seed Bombs
Use recycled paper and some wildflower seeds to make your own seed bombs. For this project you'll need access to a blender and optionally an ice cube tray to use as a mold. This project will take less than an hour to complete, but will need to dry overnight.

Hexagon Succulent Planter
One of our newest projects! 3D print one (or more) of these small succulent planters as a gift! The planters look great on their own, but they tesselate well to make a small desk garden! This project will take you about one hour each per planter to 3D print, with an additional 5-10 minutes for planting.

Wearable Planter No. 2 Necklace
Give some jewelry! Print one of these necklaces from files found on our thingiverse page, and create your own planter jewelry! Printing takes a little less than an hour, and another 5-10 minutes for planting. Finish your new necklace off with a leather or waxed cotton cord.

Little Little Free Library
Last year we published files for you to 3D print your own Little Little Free Library. 3D printing this takes about 2 hours, with about an additional 10 minutes for assembly. You'll need some super glue or hot glue to assemble this library together. Bonus points if you add some small 1:1 scale size dollhouse books!