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Fall flowers and herbs to wear with your planter

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The weather is finally cooling down here, and the chilly weather has me thinking of more fall flower choices to wear with our planters!


For the selections to go with this planter, we had a mix of blooms from our roof garden, a local flower market, and an inexpensive grocery store bouquet. This planter works well with picked flowers, so we chose some seasonal and fragrant blooms to pair with it.

Rosemary is an evergreen here in Georgia, and we were able to find it in the roof garden of the building our studio is in. If you're not able to find rosemary easily outside, its usually available as filler for bouquets at a florist, or even in the produce aisle of your grocery store. Plus, it has a great scent, so it's like wearing a little bit of fragrance!

The chamomile and the seeded eucalyptus were found from a florist close to our studio, Candler Park Flower Market, that carries loose flowers to build your own bouquet. They're selection changes seasonally and weekly, and we grabbed some of the blooms that they carried last week. The purple daisy came in a bunch with a larger bouquet from the grocery store, and we've seen some growing as wildflowers the last few weeks here in Atlanta.

Next week we'll be showing off some more seasonal picks to match our planters! If you have any suggestions, or would like to share what you're wearing in your planter, tweet us at @wearplants on twitter.