Wearable Planter

Jewelry and Accessories for Green Thumbs


colleen jordanComment

 This week we participated in Model Citizens NYC, an annual event that showcases the work of young and emerging designers. Model Citizens is part of the ever growing New York Design Week, which began as satellite shows and events celebrating design coinciding with ICFF. Curated by the fantastic Mika Braakman, we were lucky to get to exhibit with this talented group of designers for a second year.

For our display, we chose to create a green wall to display our necklaces and lapel pins. On the wall you'll also see some larger planters for walls and tote bags that will be available soon. We also filled a bike with colorful bike planters.

We weren't the only ones at Model Citizens imagining a better world through bike related fashion. Iva Jean and Belle Helmets were there as well to show their more stylish approach to the practical realities of cycling. 

New York based Gotham Smith also showed one of our favorite things from the exhibit. They too combined bike related quirk with 3D printing, and produce fantastic necklaces and cufflinks styled after bicycle components like derailleurs and bottom brackets.

If you would like to learn more about Model Citizens and other exhibitors from the show, please visit them online atmodelcitizensnyc.com.