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This morning while looking at Twitter I came across a particularly intriguing find: today is 3D Printing Day*. Obviously it is not an official holiday, but today's 3D Printing Day is a celebration that I can completely get behind. We use 3D printing to create all of our products, so it goes without saying that I'm a big fan and proponent of this technology.

3D printing is an amazing technology. It's been around for a few decades, but is just now coming into its own as a viable means of manufacturing. It has huge potential to change small businesses and local industries as well as the way that we make and consume products. Did I mention the wow factor about it? There's nothing more amazing than seeing something materialize layer by layer in front of your eyes! I think the best way to show off the power of 3D Printing is by showing examples which are useful or bring a smile to your face.

In honor of 3D Printing Day, here are my favorite 3D Printed projects (one of which you can even make yourself!):

* For the curious, the logic behind this is the date is December 3rd, or D3, which is the inverse of 3D.  

Images above via shapeways.com, crankbunny.com, and thingiverse.com.