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Summer for the northern hemisphere is ending. Well, not really, but all of the back to school sales that have started popping up are trying to make you think so. School might be starting soon, but summer and warm weather are still going to be here for a while.

We have some new items in the store to help you enjoy the rest of the summer in style and with some cool plants by your side.

We have new planters that can attach to your tote bag or purse that work great with air plants and succulents, as well as some new smaller bike planters. If you're still in school, maybe you can incorporate some greenery while carrying your books around campus? It would look pretty cool on a backpack, too.

This necklace, our genie bottle vase, can be worn with small little flowers you've found, or can be worn without them by itself. Maybe you could roll a secret little note up inside it if you're giving it to someone as a gift. 

We're also working on some new ideas that aren't more planters, but are still related to gardening that y'all will still find interesting. Above is a little teaser of one of the new things you can expect. Follow us on twitter as @wearplants and on instagram as wearableplanter for fun updates as we make new things and develop new ideas.