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Hello Fall! Autumn flower choices for your bike planter

colleen jordanComment

Fall weather is finally here, and with the changing of the seasons I get excited about Halloween and pumpkin bread and how the colors of the landscape change as we get closer to winter.  With the changing of the landscape outside, I wanted to explore some of the plants and flowers than can be found when the weather starts getting cooler. There's plants and flowers that can be found in all seasons, not just spring and summer, and I wanted to explore some of these possibilities and learn about new plants to keep my planters colorful year-round.

For the mint handlebar bike planters, I picked flowers that are available at this time of year and complemented the color of the planters. I liked the pairing of the colors of these daisies, and the spider mums have such a fun shape that they brought a lot of visual appeal. I was able to also find some pink flowers, the Autumn Joy sedum, that went with the pink handlebars of my bike.

For this round of fall planting picks, I chose some flowers that are easy to find this time of year and are seasonal in color. The daisies and spider mum were found in the "I like you" bouquet from Trader Joe's, which cost $3.99. I found a single stem of the Autumn Joy Sedum from the Candler Park Flower Mart for $1.25. Sedum can be also found in the fall in bouquets and at florists shops.