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What We're Working on for Spring

colleen jordanComment

It's still winter, but we're dreaming of warmer weather where we'll be outside more and can once again rock our plants as jewelry! We're working on new pieces for spring and summer, and while we're not ready to release these pieces yet, we thought we'd give you a sneak peek of what is coming soon.

We prototyped these new pieces on a MakerBot using a material known as PLA. PLA is a plastic material made from cornstarch. Testing out our ideas this way lets us quickly and inexpensively experiment with new ideas.

As we're working on new planters, we're also figuring out which types of plants that we want to pair them with. Here we have a small succulent clipped from a much bugger plant. Those small roots you see mean that it is ready to be planted. For this spring, we're hoping to create new planting guides to show you a wider range of flora you can use.

While we've been working on new planters, we've also been working on some side projects to keep our creative muscles strong. We're working on some magnetic washi tape holders to make packaging our planters a little easier. We've also been making some 3D printed beads to play around with new forms and materials. You probably won't see these pieces for sale here, but we're hoping to release these items for you to 3D print yourself!

Right now we're waiting for the final pieces to come from the 3D printing company that we work with before we release these pieces for spring. Look for new brooches, necklaces, and bike planters to come soon!

If you'd like to see more of what we're making, follow us on Instagram or Twitter to see out updates as we make new things!