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Flower picks for the last weeks of winter

colleen jordanComment

Spring is nearing, and while winter is showing us the last of its cold and rainy colors, we’re looking forward to warmer and greener days ahead! Last week here in Georgia groundhog General Beauregard Lee promised us six more weeks until spring, and we’re anxiously awaiting the return of warm weather. To show off our favorite flowers we’re using one of our new necklaces and this week we’re in love with rice flowers, wax flowers, and stonecrop to pair with it. 

Rice flowers are usually used as a filler flower for large bouquets, but we’re in love with their delicate little flowers and light scent. Wax flowers are an all-time favorite here because of their small petals and we love pairing them with our planters when we can find them at Candler Park Flower Mart. Corsican Stonecrop is a type of succulent called sedum that we also like to use, and you can plant clippings of them in your wearable planter for longer lasting greenery.

We found our rice and wax flowers at our local flower shop, Candler Park Flower Mart. The stonecrop we found in the ground coverings section of Pike Nursery. If you’re looking for similar plants, try checking out your local small florist or nursery to see what they have!