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Flowers we love right now

colleen jordanComment

Spring is in full bloom, and in our adventures and many trips to the florist, we've found new flowers that we love right now! We've paired our new picks, stock and scabiosa, with some of our old favorites, astrantia and wax flowers.

The first flower that we're in love with at the moment is stock. I was really confused by the name at first, wondering what is this stock flower? that was appearing at all the florists I frequent. It turns out that its just the name of the flower, not a generic flower that everyone was carrying! Stock comes in lots of lovely pastel shades, and has a nice light scent. A small clipping from it goes great in our planters, but its big blooms will also look good in a tall vase!

The other flower of the moment that we're loving is scabiosa. This flower looks like it hopped out of a Dr. Seuss illustration. It looks great in our bike planters as well as in a tall thin vase.

Both of these flowers were found at our local florist, Candler Park Flower Mart, for about $3 a stem. We were also able to find a bunch of about 4-6 stems of the stock at Trader Joe's on a few separate visits for closer to $4 for a full bouquet of them. 

We're always on the lookout for new flowers, and we'll be sure to share our latest picks with you as we discover new plants! Do you have a favorite plant that you like to pair with our planters or display in your house?