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Put A Plant On It! Where to Find Plants Online

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Spring is coming soon, so we're sharing with you some of our favorite places to find plants online. Unfortuantely, due to restrictions in the state we're located in, we're unable to ship plants with our orders, but we love to share the florists, wholesalers, and nurseries we like to work with. 

Succulent clippings from Corona Succulents.

Succulent clippings from Corona Succulents.

For customers in the US:

CTS Air Plants
I've purchased succulent clippings and air plants from CTS, and I've been really happy with the quality of the plants Ive received from them. I last ordered plants from them in 2013, but almost all of them are still alive and thriving!

Corona Succulents
Corona Succulents is the Etsy shop I have most recently ordered succulents from, and I've been really happy with the quality and variety I was able to find through this store. I bought their succulents in a large variety pack of clippings, and some were small enough to fit in our planters, and others were very large and big enough to place in a large pot.

Air Plant Supply Co.
Air Plant Supply Co. is a great source for purchasing air plants and tillandsia.

Succulent clippings from CTS air plants.

Succulent clippings from CTS air plants.

Believe it or not, Amazon offers a large selection of succulents and air plants for you to purchase, and some are even available with Amazon Prime. You'll have to search through seller reviews, but I've heard great things from customers and fans who have purchased plants through this platform.

Outside of the U.S.:

There are several sellers on Etsy that sell succulents (we usually purchase from other U.S. Etsy sellers). To find a seller near you, simply search for the type of plant you are searching for, and select a seller that can ship to your region from the search options.

Cactus Plaza

We hope that you have as good of luck finding plants online as we've had! Happy planting!